Here are some tidbits that guide the way we do things

  • Do what’s right. Open Water was started on the premise of making the planet a better place. We hope that will carry over into everything you do, inside and outside of work.

  • Responsibility. We don’t all work the same way, and as long as you’re doing great work, that’s fine by us. Do what you need to do, but hold yourself responsible to your peers and Open Water. Making mistakes is 100% okay, but own up to them, move on, and don’t make the same ones again.

  • Be your own biggest critic. We’re serious about doing big things and doing them best, so don’t ever settle for ‘just okay’.

  • Make decisions. We’re all here to support each other and talk things through. You’re part of this team, though, because we trust you to make thoughtful choices, so we’re giving you the autonomy to do so.

  • Execute quickly. When things are 'fixable’ don’t take to long to move on them. Think things through, and set the wheels in motion.

  • Constraints = creativity. We’d prefer to stay lean and nimble. Our approach is not to just throw money at things…this helps breed invention and creates more thoughtful solutions with less resources.

  • Be good to each other. We hope you enjoy the work you do and people you’re with when you’re at the office.