Our office and everything in it


Sit wherever you want and use whatever you need.

The headphone rule:

We don't like rules for the most part, but focus is definitely a priority. You are (mostly) the boss of your agenda, so you’re in charge of when you can be disturbed and when you can't. Headphones on = do not disturb. Simple, right? If you need to let your headphoned coworker know something, Slack them :)


Eat whenever you want!

You’re welcome to head out to grab food (or eat in the office) whenever your stomach starts to grumble. We generally prepare our lunches around noon or 1p, but there are zero rules about when eating is/isn’t allowed.

Snacks and more

There are usually food and drinks available. Obviously water is always an option. Coffee is plentiful too. Feel free to grab whatever you’d like from the snack bins/fridge.

Clean up after yourself

We’re all adults, so you need to clean up your own mess. Rinse your mugs in the sink. Clean up crumbs by the toaster/microwave. Throw away/recycle your trash. Don't forget to help out with something extra every now and then (take down the trash/recycling, wipe down surfaces, organize boxes). This 'system' should work really well and will keep us away from stuff nobody wants, like chore rotation.

Think about the environment—duh.

Kill the lights during normal daylight hours. Don't print things out unless you really need to. Recycle. Don't waste food.