We need a pragmatic solution that's better for the environment but doesn't sacrifice convenience.


We're a water company. We live, drink, and (figuratively) breathe it.

As kids, our summers revolved around body surfing in the ocean and watersports at the lake. We took the clean waters and plastic-free beaches for granted. But things have changed. Now, 1 million plastic bottles are used every single minute and 70% or more will end up in landfills and oceans.

Microplastics have been found in our beers, food, clothes, and more. There's a plastic garbage patch the size of France floating in the Pacific. That's crazy! And scary. Plastics are suffocating our planet, and something has to be done to curb our dangerous consumption habit. Reuseable bottles were the clear answer, but even though there are tons of amazing options out there, consumers still demand bottled water, and the industry keeps growing. We needed a more pragmatic solution, so we set out to start a bottled water company that was different. We launched in 2014 and were the first to use 100% recyclable aluminum bottles—the most recycled and recyclable packaging out there. We've recently added canned water to the mix, making non-plastic options available to an even wider audience!

We don't add to the heaps of plastic filling our oceans, and we give back a percentage of each sale to clean up damage that's already been done by plastic pollution. That's Open Water: protecting what we were named after.


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