For practical reasons, please add your contact details (phone number, address, birthday) to this Google spreadsheet (not public).

Part 1: Setting up your accounts and tools.

Google (G Suite)

We use Google G Suite for email, calendars, spreadsheets and documents. We will set you up with a personal Google account ([firstname]


We use a Gmail tool called Streak to organize and streamline our sales outreach. Streak is a CRM that keeps everyone in the loop. Each account or potential account gets a ‘box’, and all emails related to this account must be added to the box so we can all access the latest (and greatest) updates, so no efforts are duplicated and we don’t embarrassingly reach out to a contact more than once.


We use Slack for internal communication. This gives us all the ability to stalk each other, use GIFs, leave co-workers unobtrusive messages, and more. It comes as a web app, iOS app, Android App, OSX app and Windows app. Just download the apps for your platforms of choice. With **this link** you can create your own Slack account. You can join all the revenant channels of your choice.

Part 2: Office stuff and practical info.


3520 South Morgan Street, Suite 204, Chicago, IL 60609


The office is generally unlocked weekdays from 9a until at least 5p. If you need access at other times, just let us know, and we’ll work something out.

You can park your car for free (yay!) anywhere on Morgan Street.

Inside the office, you’re free to sit anywhere you like, but since we’re creatures of habit, we generally find ourselves in the same chairs everyday—haha. To improve focus we have one rule called the headphone-rule. Headphones on means "do not disturb". Pretty straight-forward, but it works.


At Open Water we tend to lunch together. We often bring our own meals from home but also frequent neighborhood spots. For starters, check out Antique Taco (named top 50 best tacos in America!), Jackalope, Bridgeport Coffee, Vienna Beef, and Homestyle Chinese. Bridgeport is still catching up to many parts of the city on the food and drink front, but we’ve got a handful of great choices :)


Tough luck! Get over it! No, we care for each other so we will feel sorry for you. And everyone is willing to help out if you get in a tough spot being ill at home. To get the needed help or rest, just let your team know you’re staying at home (or going home) via email or slack.

Official Holidays and Vacay!

If you want to head out to enjoy your well-deserved vacation then there is only 1 rule, and 1 rule to rule them all: check/discuss with your team and team lead and then put it in your calendar and team calendar (for administrative reasons). We all have unlimited vacation days and encourage you to take time off as you see fit. We love work and all, but it shouldn’t get in the way of life (too much).


All payroll and employment docs are handled through Gusto. If you’re a paid employee, you should have an email in your inbox inviting you to sign up and set up.


  • Do what’s right. Open Water was started on the premise of making the planet a better place. We hope that will carry over into everything you do, inside and outside of work.

  • Responsibility. We don’t all work the same way, and as long as you’re doing great work, that’s fine by us. Do what you need to do, but hold yourself responsible to your peers and Open Water. Making mistakes is 100% okay, but own up to them, move on, and don’t make the same ones again.

  • Be your own biggest critic. We’re serious about doing big things and doing them best, so don’t ever settle for ‘just okay’.

  • Make decisions. We’re all here to support each other and talk things through. You’re part of this team, though, because we trust you to make thoughtful choices, so we’re giving you the autonomy to do so.

  • Execute quickly. When things are 'fixable’ don’t take to long to move on them. Think things through, and set the wheels in motion.

  • Constraints = creativity. We’d prefer to stay lean and nimble. Our approach is not to just throw money at things…this helps breed invention and creates more thoughtful solutions with less resources.

  • Be good to each other. We hope you enjoy the work you do and people you’re with when you’re at the office.



Sit wherever you want and use whatever you need.

The headphone rule:

We don't like rules for the most part, but focus is definitely a priority. You are (mostly) the boss of your agenda, so you’re in charge of when you can be disturbed and when you can't. Headphones on = do not disturb. Simple, right? If you need to let your headphoned coworker know something, Slack them :)


Eat whenever you want!

You’re welcome to head out to grab food (or eat in the office) whenever your stomach starts to grumble. We generally prepare our lunches around noon or 1p, but there are zero rules about when eating is/isn’t allowed.

Snacks and more

There are usually food and drinks available. Obviously water is always an option. Coffee is plentiful too. Feel free to grab whatever you’d like from the snack bins/fridge.

Clean up after yourself

We’re all adults, so you need to clean up your own mess. Rinse your mugs in the sink. Clean up crumbs by the toaster/microwave. Throw away/recycle your trash. Don't forget to help out with something extra every now and then (take down the trash/recycling, wipe down surfaces, organize boxes). This 'system' should work really well and will keep us away from stuff nobody wants, like chore rotation.

Think about the environment—duh.

Kill the lights during normal daylight hours. Don't print things out unless you really need to. Recycle. Don't waste food.



  • Time off is about the time you need, not about a quota.

  • When in doubt: 2–4 weeks is a good bandwidth.

  • We stick to the commonly used national holidays. That said, we are a small team, and there are times where work will need to be done 24/7, regardless of holidays. Remember, flexibility goes both ways.

  • Agree on your time off with the team.

  • Put your time off on your own and the team calendars.


If you're sick, that sucks, go/stay at home.

  1. Let your team know that your are sick and when you expect to feel better.

  2. Update everyone on how you are feeling if it takes longer then expected. Stay home until you are better.

  3. Most importantly, don't feel guilty for being sick


      You will occasionally need to travel for Open Water (mostly for events/conferences), depending on your role. On average, this shouldn’t happen more than a couple of times per year. We will cover your travel costs, like train, plane, and hotel. Just look for the cheapest/most reasonable option (spend the money like it is your own).

While you’re traveling for Open Water, we will provide a meal stipend of $25 per day. This will be paid in cash or included in your next paycheck. All stipends must be pre-approved.



Working at a startup can be stressful. Everything is happening at a million miles per second, and nothing is set in stone. This is part of what makes every day so interesting and enjoyable, but we know this adds to your tally. With that said, when you see something causing a lot of stress, let’s get to work on it. Not digging the new team structure? Not feeling your current responsibilities? Bring it up to us. We’re pretty reasonable people, so let’s try to fix it or at least talk about it.

Some points to keep in mind that can make everything a whole lot better…

  • Look at your work life balance

  • Take the freedom and responsibility you’ve been given

  • Take care of your body and mind

  • Set priorities and sometimes say no

  • Ask for help

  • Talk about it


Keeping our brand consistent across as much collateral as possible is something that’s really important to us. In order to do that, you need a few font files and important pieces of information.




Our colors are **Deep Sea**, **Open Blue**, **Parrotfish**, **Kelp**, **Seafoam**, and **Wavebreak**. We also have some Grays that are helpful: **Cool Gray 10**, **Cool Gray 7**, **Cool Gray 4**, and **Sparkling Wash**. Our navy color is called **Deep Sea**.
The hex number is #002855.
R: 0, G: 40, B: 85.
C: 100, M: 84, Y: 36, K: 39.
Pantone 295C. This is **Open Blue**.
The hex number is #0070cd.
R: 0, G: 112, B: 205.
C: 91, M: 53, Y: 0, K: 0.
Pantone 285C. This bright blue is called **Parrotfish**.
The hex number is #51a7fa.
R: 81, G: 167, B: 250.
C: 59, M: 26, Y: 0, K: 0.
The closest Pantone is 284C. This is **Kelp**.
The hex number is #1c5631.
R: 28, G: 86, B: 49.
C: 85, M: 40, Y: 91, K: 39.
Pantone 357C. This is **Seafoam**.
The hex number is #a2e3b9.
R: 162, G: 227, B: 185.
C: 85, M: 0, Y: 35, K: 0.
Pantone 351C. This is **Cool Gray 10**.
The hex number is #646469.
R: 100, G: 100, B: 105.
C: 61, M: 53, Y: 48, K: 19.
Pantone Cool Gray 10. This is **Cool Gray 7**.
The hex number is #999899.
R: 153, G: 152, B: 153.
C: 42, M: 35, Y: 25, K: 1.
Pantone Cool Gray 7. This is **Cool Gray 4**.
The hex number is #bcbbba.
R: 188, G: 187, B: 186.
C: 26, M: 22, Y: 22, K: 0.
Pantone Cool Gray 4. This is **Sparkling Wash**.
The hex number is #d0d2d3.
R: 208, G: 210, B: 211.
C: 17, M: 12, Y: 13 K: 0.
Pantone 427C. and lastly... This is **Wavebreak**.
The hex number is #f1f2f2.
R: 241, G: 242, B: 242.
C: 4, M: 2, Y: 3 K: 0.

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