New Year, New Sustainability Resolutions

on January 23, 2023

As we head into another year, one thing remains constant: we have a responsibility towards Mother Earth to do more.

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Here at Open Water, we don’t need an excuse to renew our commitments to our planet and oceans but with 2023 upon us, our team has made these Environmental New Year’s Resolutions to continue our goal towards a more sustainable world. 

“My resolution is to lower the amount of meat I eat. I started doing this last year but want to continue driving that down. Giving it up completely would be really tough for my family, but I am aiming to reduce it by about 80%.

—Nicole, Co-Founder and CEO


“One thing I really want to work on is composting at home! It'll be interesting to see how that impacts our weekly waste and recycling. Just need to figure out a plan to keep the bears away!

—Jess, Co-Founder and CBO


I think for me, committing to reduce the number of packages I get from Amazon!”

—Fer, Finance and Operations


“My goal is to use reusable Tupperware instead of single-use plastic zip locks!”

—Matt, Retail Sales


My goal for 2023 is to have a garden so we can grow our own food! This way, we don't have to buy produce from the grocery store and can reduce the overall carbon footprint of our food and the packaging waste that comes with buying from the store.”

—Toral, On-Premise Sales & Strategy


“I’d like to continue to educate and encourage everyone to be more environmentally conscious, myself included! I know that I could definitely reduce my plastic use from grocery store purchases and conserve more water when I do the dishes. Making small sustainable changes can make a big impact!”

—Emily, Regional Sales Manager



For my environmental resolution in the new year, I'm going to start making eco-bricks. Since I live close to the beach, I have the opportunity to do a lot of beach cleanups. I've seen videos of people stuffing the small bits of plastic into a plastic bottle, and collecting the tiny pieces over time. These are called eco-bricks, and when they are filled to the top, you mail them to a company that will actually condense them into usable bricks. The bricks have been used for school buildings, walkways, etc. Not only do eco-bricks emphasize the importance of reusability, but they are a great way to reduce carbon emissions that are generated from manufacturing new building materials.”

—Erin, Regional Sales Manager


“My family will implement meatless Mondays and Wednesdays.”

—Jessi, Logistics


I aim to reuse jars, bottles, etc. instead of using plastic containers I often lose the lids to.”

—Hailey, Logistics


“I am going to try to reduce my food waste both with groceries and dining out.”

—Daniel, Logistics


My New Year's Resolution for 2023 is to compost more. I've been researching indoor composting bins that I can keep in my kitchen for easy access (Which will hopefully encourage my roommates to compost as well!). This will help reduce the largest part of my carbon footprint (food waste). From there, I will donate some of the nutrient rich soil to local community gardens or start my own herb garden on my patio!”

—Sydney, Logisitcs

I want to get smart plugs for all my electronics to reduce my electricity waste.”

—Caroline, Logistics


Starting in 2023, I plan to be more mindful of my energy consumption. I will strive to cut back on the amount of electricity I use. I plan to reduce this by not leaving items I am not actively using plugged into electrical sockets.”

—Morgan, Logistics

This is easy for me because it is an ongoing goal. Don't purchase any plastic. If I really need something and it really needs to be plastic, I try to buy it resale. But a lot of the time, whatever I need, doesn't have to be plastic. Like laundry baskets! As my plastic ones break, I'm replacing them with these really nice rope baskets.”

—Lisa, Accounting & Office Coordinator

We’d love to hear about your environmental resolutions on social! Tag us @drinkopenwater on Instagram to share your inspiring sustainable commitments for 2023 and beyond. 


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