1500 plastic bottles are used every single second in the US.

Bottled water is healthy and convenient, but single-use plastic bottles are wreaking havoc on our environment, and especially our oceans. 




Aluminum gets recycled more often than any other beverage container

Aluminum is recycled more than twice as often as plastic, glass, and cartons. Its high scrap value helps ensure that even if you forget to recycle, someone else will do it for you. In fact, the scrap value of aluminum is actually what funds the majority of curbside recycling programs around the country. This has helped aluminum enjoy recycling rates near 70%!


Aluminum is infinitely recyclable

Not only is aluminum the most recycled material, it’s also infinitely recyclable as well. That means that the material from one of our aluminum bottles or cans can go right back into making another, identical bottle or can. No new material needed! Amazingly, this process can happen in as little as 60 days. This isn’t the case with plastic and cartons, which get downcycled into lower quality materials.


Aluminum is recycled most efficiently

Cartons are made of thin layers of paper, plastic, and aluminum. Before they can recycled, these layers have to be separated. In the limited regions where carton recycling is accepted, the process to separate the paper from the aluminum and plastic requires a biiiig machine called a hydrapulper, which soaks and blends the materials until they come apart. The paper can then be repurposed for tissues and other paper goods, but doesn't really have a life beyond that. The plastic/aluminum mix has few uses. In special circumstances, the cartons can be repurposed without separating the three materials, but the market for this is pretty tiny.


Go Green

Say #ByeByePlastic™ by switching to aluminum bottled water or canned water